Academic presentations

This non-exhaustive list does not include poster presentations. It simply points to some of the areas of knowledge I have worked on during my academic career.

  • Baldi, R., Mansion, G. 2021. « Pierre-Victor de Besenval : la botanique à l’épreuve du goût de l’amateur », colloque « Pierre-Victor de Besenval (1721-1791). Une vie au service de la couronne française », Château de Waldegg, Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus, 19 novembre 2021.
  • Mansion, G., Luebert, F., Mazzoni, C., Muller, L. 2013. Inferring the origin and diversification of a recent polyploid complex (Campanula rotundifolia) using sequenced RAD markers - A project overview. Croatian Botanical Symposium, Split, Croatia.

  • Mansion, G., 2011. Plant biogeographic patterns in the Mediterranean realm. Examples from the Araceae, Boraginaceae, and Gentianaceae. Invited lecture, University of Munich, Germany.

  • Mansion, G., Parolly, G, Raus, T, Hand, R, Braun, B, Abababian, M, Oganesian, M, Naramisa, S, Aykadin, G, Ikinci, N, Kamari, G, Phitos, D, Cellinese, N, Haberle, R, Borsch, T. 2011. An extensive phylogeny as a first step towards a better understanding of the natural history and systematics of the polyphyletic Campanula. Biosystematics, Berlin.
  • Mansion, G. 2009. Natural history of « lords and ladies » (Arum - Araceae). BNF Symposium, University of Bern, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G. 2008. Origin of some insular endemics of the angiosperm families Araceae and Boraginaceae in the Mediterranean realm. Invited lecture, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G. 2008. Biogeographic patterns in the Mediterranean realm: two case studies (Araceae and Boraginaceae. Invited lecture, University of Dijon, France.

  • Mansion, G., Guggisberg, A., Selvi, F., Conti, E. 2008. Origin of Mediterranean insular endemics in the Boraginaceae: integrative evidence from molecular dating and ancestral area reconstruction. Biology 08, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G. 2007. Biogeographic patterns in the Mediterranean regions. Invited lecture, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G., Ree, R., Conti, E. 2006. Biogeographic history of the Araceae in the Mediterranean region, with emphasis on the origin of Corso-Sardinian endemics. Evolution 2006, Stony Brooks University, NY, USA.

  • Mansion, G., Guggisberg, A., Bretagnolle, F. 2005. Reticulate evolution within the Mediterranean genus Centaurium (Gentianaceae): a case study in Majorca (Spain). IBC Vienna 2005, Vienna, Austria. (Symposium co-organizer)

  • Mansion, G., Zeltner, L., Bretagnolle, F. 2004. Polyploid evolution and biogeographic patterns within the Mediterranean genus Centaurium (Gentianaceae), Invited lecture, IXth IOPB Meeting 2004, Valencia, Spain.

  • Mansion, G. 2003. Evolutionary trends and biogeography of the Chironiinae (Gentianaceae). Invited lecture, University of Zürich, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G. 2002. Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of genus Centaurium s. l. (Gentianaceae - Chironiinae): intergeneric relationships and systematic consequences. Biology 02, Bern, Switzerland.

  • Mansion, G., Zeltner, L. 2002. Chromosomal evolution and biogeographic patterns within the genus Centaurium Hill. Ecological Genetics Group Meeting 2002, Newcastle, UK.

  • Mansion, G. 2000. Phylogenetic position of the North and Central American species of Centaurium (Gentianaceae) based on molecular data and chromosome numbers; evidence of an old-world origin. Botany 2000, Portland, ORE, USA.

Last edited: 19/09/2022