Freelance Writer

My activity includes a range of services intended to promote different areas of knowledge to a more or less specialized audience. It is above all editorial (creation, correction and/or translation of specialized texts...), or even lecturing, but may also concern various processes of scientific data generation (collection of plant material, database management, botanical surveys, photographs...).

Because of its creative side, my editorial activity can be of interest to health professionals, “organic” designers, or nature lovers.

Thus, a pharmacist who wants to optimally promote his online sales site does not always have the necessary time to take up the pen, or even to entrust this essential task to unqualified people! As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I can assure you of scientifically correct, rigorous and stylish presentations, of which the following is an exemple.

A stylist wishing to produce eco-responsible clothing will want to produce a striking text in perfect tune with the beauty and fragility of nature. My collaboration with the Cervovolante website perfectly illustrates this approach.

Lovers of art, history, and nature, you wish to write an article combining the different aspects. I have written, among other examples, a multitude of papers on gentians and in particular on the artistic representation of these delicate plants over the centuries. For you, the first part.


The correctional aspect may be primarily of interest to students of biological or pharmaceutical sciences who wish (i) to have their work professionally corrected before submission, (ii) to update their CVs or (iii) to obtain an effective cover letter! I am also at the disposal of publishers looking for scientific reviewers.


As for the translational side, it can be practical in some multilingual countries (Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland...) where it is highly desirable to have one's website presented in two or three languages.

It concerns short (15 min), medium (30-45 min) or long (60-90 min) duration oral presentations on a subject of your choice. I prefer to travel to Switzerland and France.

It is a set of activities aiming at generating, implementing or analysing different types of data (scientific, historical, etc.). These include, for example, the collection of plant material, the establishment of botanical surveys, the management of databases, the production of photographs, bibliographic research, etc.

Last edited: 02/07/2021