Fundamental research: a fascinating, if somewhat peculiar, universe to which I have dedicated a large part of my life. More than 15 wonderful years spent travelling the world, attending seminars and conferences, visiting herbaria and laboratories, organizing thematic excursions and scientific field trips, in order to accumulate and analyse precious data for better publication.

Latterly, I have decided to stop devoting myself full-time to my academic career. A change especially triggered by the desire to explore new horizons that I have too often neglected in recent years, maybe due to the strong “publish or perish” pressure. I am thinking of different aspects of botany, history, palaeontology, or pharmacy... without forgetting the arts. So many fields of knowledge very near and dear to my heart that I would like to promote to a wider audience.

My current freelance activity is primarily editorial work or lecturing. It does not omit, however, various processes of data generation or archiving.


Periparus ater

Periparus ater

Last edited: 10/03/2024