In a nutshell

As a biologist, I am allured by the beauty and diversity of our environment... A multitude of treasures that require a trained eye to be apprehended and admired!

Here, some bare lands in the Aargau Jura, where ammonites, brachiopods and other petrified animals disclose a tropical sea forever gone! A little further, a brownish slope, recently emerged from the snow, reveals the elegant ballet of pasqueflowers offering their delicate purple mantel to the wind god Zephyr!

What then can we say about the wonders composing the South African fynbos, the Mediterranean maquis or the Californian chaparral? How can we share the impression of freedom in face of the immensity experienced in the Mexican, Namibian or Omani deserts, Iranian or Turkish steppes, or Alpine and Caucasian peaks?

Using photography, drawing, painting, speaking, but above all writing! Because writing is the sole way to keep in memory of all the treasures of a lifetime... and to share them.

Through this website, I would like to offer you my enthusiasm, my naturalist experiences and various passions, as well as my scientific skills.

I look forward to meeting you and exchanging with you!

Last edited: 29/11/2020