My activity includes a range of services intended to promote different areas of knowledge to a more or less specialized audience. It is above all editorial (creation, correction and/or translation of specialized texts...), or even lecturing, but may also concern various processes of scientific data generation (collection of plant material, database management, botanical surveys, photographs...).

All offers are to be discussed and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

Do not hesitate to contact me, in order to better specify your expectations and to negotiate a personalised and advantageous offer. A request for quotation does not commit you in any way!

Depending on the type of activity and the difficulty of the subject, the fee can be flat rate (creation), hourly (correction, criticism, rewriting) or "per page" (correction, translation). The time it takes to complete projects depends on their length, as well as on my work-schedule. It lasts on average one month. An express / priority service can be requested and is subject to an additional fee.


Creation of customised texts


This category concerns the production of written documents dealing with a subject chosen and specifically instructed by the client.

As inspiration is generally not compatible with time constraints, the rate is mostly flat-rate! It is based on the number of signs without spaces, as this better reflects the amount of work done. The time spent searching for bibliographical documents is charged between 50 and 150 €.


Indicative prices


  • Simple text: from 5 € for 100 characters (without spaces)
  • Specialized text: from 8 € for 100 signs (without spaces)
  • Express service charge: from 100 €


Correction/rewriting of texts


This category includes the critical review of documents of varying length, from the cover letter to the scientific publication, including the CV or the master's thesis.

An hourly rate is usually applied. It may vary depending on the difficulty of the topic, the quality of the initial work, etc. A flat rate can be negotiated for important documents, such as peer-reviewed publications. Finally, a "per-page" rate may be considered, with each A4 page containing a maximum of 2500 characters without spaces (font: Times New Roman; size: 12).


Indicative prices


  • Hourly rate: from 40 €
  • Price "per page": from 100 €
  • Flat rate: from 300 €
  • Express service charge: from 100 €




This category concerns version works (English/French, German/French, Spanish/French) or, conversely, theme works (French/English). An hourly rate is generally applied.


Indicative prices


  • Hourly rate version: from 60 €.
  • Theme hourly rate: from 80 €
  • Express service charge: from 100 €

It concerns oral presentations of short (15 min), medium (30-45 min) or long (60-90 min) duration. Prices include documentary research, preparation and the conference itself. Travel expenses are to be expected.


Indicative prices


  • Short presentation: from 200 €
  • Medium-length presentation: from 300 €
  • Long-lasting presentation: from 400 €

It is a set of activities proposed with the aim of generating, implementing or analyzing different types of data (scientific, historical, etc.). Examples include collecting plant material, establishing botanical surveys, managing databases, taking photographs, conducting bibliographical research, etc. Most of the time I offer hourly rates.


Indicative prices


  • Hourly rate: from 30 € per hour
  • Photography rate: to be negotiated according to the SOFAM scale


The photographs on this site are available for personal or educational use, after prior contact with the author of this site.

For any other use, especially commercial, better resolution pictures may be proposed. Based on SOFAM rates, the total price depends on the number of pictures, the source of final publication (website, book...), the printed size, etc. A contract will be established for each request.

Some feed-back regarding the general services or publications published on the site.


Dr. Conny Thiel-Egenter (Co-Founder Cervo Volante): "Guilhem Mansion has written and translated some articles for the website and the blog of our startup Cervo Volante: Guilhem has written the expert articles not only in a generally understandable way but also has made a cool, entertaining and jolie text out of it! Due to his sound scientific background and his expert knowledge in botany and pharmaceutics / chemistry, he was able to do some research and write from the scratch about our topics - he was and still is the perfect person for us for writing expert articles in a cool way! We and our readers love Guilhem's articles!! 

LinkedIn - 30 janvier 2018


Dr. Florian Jabbour (chercheur MNHN Paris): "Quel beau site Guilhem ! Je viens de le découvrir et de découvrir les activités que tu proposes. Il faut que je réfléchisse à ce que l'on peut faire ensemble, en sciences ou en histoire des sciences. A bientôt j'espère. Florian."



Franziska B. (Zurich): "I'm stoked! Botany can be so entertaining...."

21 février 2017


Dr. Alessia Guggisberg (conservatrice des herbiers associés de Zurich, chercheur ETH Zurich, Suisse): "Merci pour ce magnifique clin d'oeil à notre herbier!"

11 février 2017


Dr. Jean-Yves Fournet (pharmacien,, Clichy, France): "Des fiches claires, précises, et professionnelles. Je recommande!"

LinkedIn - 08 aout 2016


François Miville-Deschênes (dessinateur): "Bravo, joli résumé sans trop dévoiler. C'est toujours ce que j'espère des critiques (et celle-ci est positive de surcroît, merci; que demander de plus?)."

Facebook - 22 avril 2016 - En réaction à l'article: Reconquêtes - Tome 02


François Miville-Deschênes (dessinateur): "Joli texte. Merci!"

Facebook - 14 avril 2016 - En réaction à l'article: Reconquêtes - Tome 01


Dr. Michael Pirie (chercheur, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz): "Guilhem's handling of manuscripts as Associate Editor for TAXON is always prompt and meticulous."

LinkedIn - 10 mars 2016

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