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Freelance writer, web journalist, public author… whatever the name!


This is the path I have recently decided to take in order to put my writing competences and technical skills at your service.

You are pharmacist or health professional who wants to promote your business on the web? But you just do not have the time to write the advertisements yourself and / or do not wish to mandate some unqualified people for this important task… No problem! As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I guaranty rigorous, stylish and scientifically accurate presentations.

You travel the world to discover natural wonders and would like to share your adventures on a blog? In this case, you might be interested in having your accounts supervised by a Doctor in Biology.

You are a student in biological or pharmaceutical sciences and want to (i) have your reports edited professionally before you hand them in, (ii) improve your CV, or (iii) compile an efficient motivation letter? I am here to help you!

You are a researcher in Evolutionary Biology who has accumulated a plethora of results over the past years and has not had time to publish them? Contact me for a potential collaboration! Do not wait for your data to become obsolete!

You have a website in German or English and want to have it translated into French? Pas de problèmes!

Finally, you just want to write a relevant article on a topic of your choice? Request an offer! I am very open minded and would be happy to help you in a wide range of fields including art, ancient history or palaeontology… yes, this is a multicultural website!



Some examples of papers published in French...


Le diabète sucré

One of the many pharmaceutical sheets written for the website


Gentianes et art - Partie 01 (3.6 Mo)

A large audience paper, more focused on the history of botanical art



... Or in English


Cervovolante, the story behind

From raw hides to high quality eco-leather

Which plants are suitable for a fully and eco-friendly vegetable tanning?

Three articles realised for the website Cervo Volante, a company that produces environmentally friendly high quality leather shoes, coats and jackets out of hunting waste

A typical scientific publication dealing with the natural history of the bellflowers (Campanulaceae)

Last edited: 07/01/2019