After long and extensive studies, and more than 15 years dedicated to scientific research – a quite peculiar and merciless universe – I decided to take a break... Just for a change of scenery!

I have long travelled around the world, from meetings to seminars, visiting herbarium institutions and new laboratories, organising field excursions or other scientific-based journeys... What was the purpose of all this? Publish! Publish more, and more, and more, all the data and results accumulated over the years… And then leave again, to present your latest findings in upcoming conferences, or embark for new collection trips to other latitudes. The circle restarts... Endlessly!

Therefore, I decided to temporarily stop this circularity, to master other types of publications and to devote my skills to a different audience with whom I would like to share my multicultural knowledge and scientific rigour, along with my passion of writing.

Last edited: 29/06/2019