Guilhem Mansion - Dr Biology

In late 1993, after my graduation in pharmacy, I succumbed to the charms of botany and decided to follow up my studies in biology. I was lucky to integrate the curriculum at the DEA (currently MSc) level, a diploma I acquired in September 1994 at the University of Paris XI (Orsay).

What followed was a somewhat chaotic period of my life, having to simultaneously serve in the military (the "service" was at time still mandatory) and to search for an appropriate PhD position in botany. My quest ended in early 1997 with my official enrolment as a doctoral student of the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. A new life began, from all points of view.

Professionally speaking, Darwin and Wallace replaced Galen and Aristotle, molecular biology had taken over phytochemistry and biochemistry, and human beings (especially the sick-ones!) ceased to be the centre of the universe... humankind was to become just one of the millions of evolutionary branches making up the tree of life!

In late 2001, I graduated in biology, and pursued my career at several universities in French-speaking Switzerland (Neuchâtel), German-speaking Switzerland (Zurich) and Germany (Berlin)... my "Germanisation" was progressive but not complete!

During my curriculum, I had amongst others the opportunity to teach pharmaceutical botany, which naturally bridges all my competences and allows me to keep a foot in both disciplines.

The rest of my time was devoted to research and scientific writing, as exemplified here: 2004 mansion taxon (656.92 Ko).

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